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Switched Reluctance Motor Rotor Two-station Automatic Balancer


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Mainly used in the unbalance measurement and correction of switched reluctance motor rotors, and can integrate with the rotor assembly line to realize automatic production.


1.Professionally designed brackets can transmit mechanical force effectively , firm and reliable, with low vibration damping and good rigidity

2.High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable

3.Belt drive structure, higher measurement accuracy, more convenient to use

4.Advanced electronic measurement system, friendly HMI, complete functions

5.Modular design, wide application range

6.Automatic positioning and stop

7.In addition to manual loading & unloading, the unbalance correction is completed at one time

8.The machine adopts stainless steel anti-magnetic brackets as customer’s request.

9.The machine is equipped with an automatic chip suction device, which can not only ensure the cleanliness of the machine, but also improve the service life of the machine

10.Electrical interlocking safety door device greatly improves the reliability of the machine



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