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Measuring Unit

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The balancing machine measuring systems produced by Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. include JP-800 series, JP-680 series, and JP-580 series. Each of the balancer measurement systems is further divided into vertical cabinets and small electrical boxes. JP-800/680 series is a touch screen operating system, suitable for a variety of models; perfect debugging & balancing, safe operation; friendly HMI, convenient operation.
  • JP-800 Measuring Unit JP-800 Measuring Unit

    HMILinux operating system...

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  • JP-820 Measuring Unit JP-820 Measuring Unit

    HMIWin CE Operating system...

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  • JP-580 Measuring Unit JP-580 Measuring Unit

    1.JP-380 Digital measuring unit adopts INTEL 8501 single-chipmicrocomputer2.JP-580B Measuring system dynamic balancingstatic balancingten supporting modesAdding or removing weight and CW or CCW rotating are optional3.JP-580 multi-scaling coefficient combinationautomatic adjustment of system sensitivityfastermore stable and accurate measurement.large storage of data4.JP-680 is 12 inch Touch ScreenWinCE Operation System Single and Double Plane Balance Measurement5.JP-800 is WinCE Operation System ...

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