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Xi Jinping's trip to Central Asia. Jointly build a security community

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Xi Jinping's trip to Central Asia. Jointly build a security community.

From July 2 to 6, President Xi Jinping attended the 24th meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization held in Astana, and paid state visits to the two countries at the invitation of President Tokayev of the Republic of Kazakhstan and President Rahmon of the Republic of Tajikistan. Xi Jinping's trip to Central Asia is more conducive to promoting peace, stability and economic exchanges between China and Central Asia.

Central Asia has always been an important market for our JP balancing machines. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan. JP exports a lot of balancing machines to these countries every year. Our engineers will also visit the site from time to time for on-site guidance and on-site service. Solve every problem of the customer and make the JP balancing machine run more stably.

Let's go to Uzbekistan to have a look.

This company is mainly in the ventilation machinery industry. It produces various axial flow fans, centrifugal fans, mining fans, etc. There are many types of fans. The weight ranges from 1.6-5000KG. They bought our PHS-10000H dual-drive balancing machine, PHQ-160H horizontal belt balancing machine, PHQ-16 hard bearing belt balancing machine, etc. After on-site testing and support from engineers, they all gave thumbs up to express their praise.

In the ventilation and refrigeration industry, fan safety and reliability are crucial. We even think about this. Therefore, the balancing machines provided by JP have reached the highest standards in the industry, keeping the equipment running 24 hours a day without stopping. Why is JP so popular?

1 Advanced technology. Our operating system adopts internationally renowned brands such as Siemens and Mitsubishi. The performance is reliable and the precision is high. The precision can reach

2 Customer recognition. Turkey AYD. China BYD. American Meiqiao. Hungary Linamar, etc. Their recognition gives us greater motivation to maintain higher standards and provide better products

3 Professional service. Our service team is all over the world. Engineers are always by your side as long as you need them. Our technical team can also provide remote support to ensure that every confusion you have is solved as soon as possible.

4 Full range of products. Our products are targeted at various industries. There are corresponding models in different categories, from 20g rotors to 120T turbines. Whether it is the motor industry, auto parts industry, ventilation and refrigeration industry, or rail transportation, aerospace and other fields, we have a balancing machine suitable for you.

JP dynamic balancing machine has been committed to providing excellent dynamic balancing machines and unparalleled services to global customers. We look forward to your inquiry and witnessing the excellent performance of our equipment. Order and enjoy a 10% discount. Time 7.1-7.31

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