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JP Balancing Machine @ AHTE & AMTS 2024

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JP Balancing Machine @ AHTE & AMTS 2024---Shanghai Jianping Balancing Machine will make a grand appearance at AHTE&AMTS 

From July 3rd to 5th, Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will make a grand appearance at AHTE&AMTS Shanghai International Assembly and Handling Technology Exhibition held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre, booth No. W5-J01.

Shanghai Jianping will bring 9 automatic balancing machines and 4 special balancing machines to grand attend the AHTE&AMTS exhibition, covering all kinds of automatic balancing machines applied in various auto parts industries and automated assembly lines, etc., with its unique dynamic balancing technology and excellent dynamic balancing performance, will sure become the focus of the exhibition... Welcome professionals from all walks of life to visit and study.

At This exhibition, Shanghai Jianping will bring:

1.A1WZ1-20 New energy single-station special automatic balancer

2.A1LZ1-35 Vertical drilling (two axes) automatic balancer

3.A2WZ2-1.6 Motor rotor automatic balancer

4.A1LX20 Brake disc (electric chuck) automatic balancer

5.Air floating turbocharger measuring equipment

6.Wheel hub end face &radial runout balancing machine

7.PRZD-20 Cooling fan balancing machine

8.PRZS-5 Fan heater (single-station) balancing machine

9.PR2ZS-5 Fan heater (two-station) balancing machine

10.A1LZ2 Horizontal drilling automatic balancer

11.A1LM1-35 Vertical riveting press automatic balancer

12.A1LZ1 (Three-axis dual power head) automatic balancer

13.A2LX20- Magnetic rotor or A2LZ2

A total of 13 automatic balancing machines, which will meet the needs of various dynamic balancing applications in the auto parts industry.

We not only produce standard dynamic balancing machine equipment, but also can customize dynamic balancing machine equipment for the special needs of specific customers.

At that time, our engineers will also provide professional dynamic balancing solutions and technical support to the audience.

In order to celebrate the establishment of Jianping (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., until July 31, as long as the customers come to our factory, they can get a good gift. once again we sincerely invite new and old customers to visit our new factory, and if you order equipment, we will give you a 10% discount.

Exhibition name: Shanghai International Assembly and Handling Technology Exhibition

Exhibition time: July 3-5, 2024

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Booth number: W5-J01

We believe that in the future, Shanghai Jianping balancing machine will continue to promote the innovative development of dynamic balancing machines in the auto parts industry, and provide customers with more professional dynamic balancing machines and dynamic balancing solutions! JP balancing machine, balancing machine industry leader.

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