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AHTE&AMTS 2024 JP Balancing Machines

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Your invitation to the AHTE&AMTS Shanghai International Industrial Assembly and Transmission Technology Exhibition

We are very honored to announce that Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will participate in the annual AHTE&AMTS Shanghai International Industrial Assembly and Transmission Technology Exhibition from July 3 to 5, 2024. The exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, and we will be waiting for you at booth number W5-J01, with an exhibition area of 189 square meters.

As a pioneer in the balancing machine industry, we focus on the research and development of innovative and high-efficiency automation equipment, and will display the following core equipment at this exhibition:

1. A1WZ1-20 New Energy Single-Station Balancing Machine - High-efficiency new energy motor rotor solution, designed for modern manufacturing.

2. A1LZ1-35 Vertical Drilling Balancing Machine - Combines drilling and balancing functions to improve production efficiency.

3. A2WZ2-1.6 Motor Rotor Balancing Machine - Precisely balance motor rotors to provide strong power for all types of machinery.

4. A1LX20 brake disc balancing machine - designed for high-performance brake systems to improve vehicle safety

5. Air float booster measuring equipment - high-precision measuring tools to ensure component quality.

6. Hub end warp balancing machine - optimize wheel performance, improve hub quality, and ensure driving stability.

7. PRZD-20 condenser fan balancing machine - a balancing solution designed specifically for condenser fans, which can be produced as a single machine or as an assembly

8. PRZS-5 heater (single station) and PRZS-5 heater (two stations) balancing machines - innovative heater technology to meet different production needs.

9. A1LZ2 horizontal drilling balancing machine - horizontal drilling to remove weight, specially designed for balancing correction of special products, making the balancing processing method more flexible.

10. A1LM1-35 vertical riveting fully automatic balancing machine - automated riveting balancing to improve production efficiency and consistency.

11. A1LZ1 (three-axis dual power head) balancing machine - powerful three-axis processing capabilities to simplify complex processes.

12. A2LX20-Magnetic steel rotor balancing machine - provides precise balancing adjustment for high-performance magnetic steel rotors

We sincerely invite you to visit booth W5-J01 to experience our advanced technology and excellent product performance. At the same time, we have also arranged a professional team to provide you with one-on-one consultation answers and technical demonstrations during the exhibition. In addition, we sincerely invite you to visit the factory and learn more about the R&D strength and manufacturing capabilities of Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Company. We look forward to you scanning the code to tell us your visit plan, and we will prepare a thoughtful reception for you.

Let's meet at the Shanghai New International Expo Center! Join us to explore a new chapter in the future of industrial automation and assembly technology!

Looking forward to your arrival!

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