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Centrifugal Fan Impeller Balancing Machine up to 5000kg

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JP Centrifugal Fan Impeller Balancing Machine up to 5000kg

Why is the dynamic balancing of the impeller so important? Because the unbalance will cause excessive vibration, which will produce abnormal noise and cause damage to the equipment, as well as affect the equipment life and using experience. If it is not adjusted in time, the entire fan or related systems may be scrapped.

Therefore, the role of the fan impeller balancing machine is very significant. It can reduce workpiece unbalance, thereby extending its service life several times. In addition, the balancing machine can also effectively reduce the damage caused by the workpiece unbalance on the equipment, reduce the noise and vibration caused by the workpiece unbalance, which can not only improve the accuracy of the workpiece, but also improve the comfort of the operator.

Shanghai JP Dynamic Balancing Machine factory adopts advanced universal coupling transmission device, so that the advantages of the fan impeller balancing machine are outstanding. After years of research and improvement by professional and technical personnel, the fan impeller dynamic balancing machine of Shanghai JP is not only highly accurate, but also has been greatly improved in terms of work efficiency. This model has been widely used in various fields, is the preferred choice of many fan impeller manufacturers.

Our fan balancing machine PHW-5000H can carry wokpieces up to 5000kg, outside diameter 2400 mm, torque 1250, accuracy up to ≤0.5g· mm/kg

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The following is a picture of JP fan balancing machine in Vietnam

The customer purchased our PHW-5000 balancing machine in 2019, and so far the equipment is working well and has no fault.

Let’s take a look at customer reviews!

Machine runs smoothly, we have no problem at present. The only requirement is to provide the calibration certificate to us.

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Universal joint drive series fan balancing machine is suitable for the unbalance detection of fan, large motor, water pump, centrifuge, rubber roller, dryer, internal combustion engine, sieve basket and other mechanical rotating parts whose outer circle can not driven by belt or require a large transmission power, it is also suitable for overhung rotors.

Welcome to inquire about JP's latest balancing machine, by the way, if you place order now, you can enjoy a 10% discount, and it is valid until 2024/06/30.

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