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Automotive Differential Case Automatic Balancing Machine

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Automotive Differential Case Automatic Balancing Machine 

The automotive differential case automatic balancing machine developed by Jianping has the characteristics of automatic unbalance measurement, automatic milling or drilling correction etc, which can accurately detect the unbalanced value of the differential case and automatically correct the unbalanced value. In addition, the equipment can also be equipped with code scanning, marking, data upload, docking customer assembly line and other functions.

Machine features:

Designed for disc-shaped products: can achieve automatic unbalance correction OF disc-shaped workpieces such as brake discs, brake drums, clutches, flywheels and so on .

High degree of automation: automatic unbalance measurement and automatic milling or drilling correction.

Fast speed, high precision: suitable for the mass production of disc-shaped workpiece dynamic balancing, with high sensitivity sensor and good linearity.

Integrate multiple functions: the software part includes unbalance test system, balance data storage and printing, data statistics after qualified judgment and other functions.

Reasonable structure design: integrate measurement, calculation and control functions into one, to ensure that the unbalance detection and correction is completed automatically.

Short production cycle time: high efficiency, can integrate with the production line to achieve automated assembly line production without manual intervention.

Machine optional function description:

Code scanning function: 1. Automatically read the product's QR code, 2.Data can be saved in QR code.

Laser correction marking system: automatically generate QR code for the product and then automatically complete engraving.

MES data upload system: can collect the output and display the data generated during the whole process.

Special product customization: Special functions can be customized for special products.

Integrated line: can be connected to customer's robot arm, can also integrate with customer's assembly line.

In summary, the automotive differential case automatic balancing machine plays an important role in the automotive manufacturing industry with its advantages of high precision, high degree of automation, and can integrate a number of functions. It can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure product quality, and is one of the indispensable equipment in the modern automobile manufacturing industry. If you also want to improve your production capacity and quality, welcome to contact us, we can provide you with solution for free.


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