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JP End Drive Low Speed Horizontal Balancing Machine up to 60T

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JP End Drive Low Speed Horizontal Balancing Machine up to 60T 

JP Balancing Machine Industry has been performing balance art for more than 20 years.

PHW Series Heavy Horizontal Balancing Machine is used for static and dynamic balancing of  work pieces such as impeller , fan, propeller, electric rotor , separator, turbine , rollers and so on.

We advice Universal Joint Drive Unit for our Heavy duty machines. Machine speed can be adjusted by gearbox located on shaft drive and by the speed controller. Rotor is connected to the machine by the help of industrial shaft. It allows precise measurements and ease of use for big diameter and heavy rotor types.

Balancing program works with the licensed Windows operating system. It is easy to be used by the operator. Re- calibration for different rotor types is not required. Operator can calculate the tolerance in acoordance with ISO 1940 standards before begining the balancing process by entering the dimension and the weight of work piece.

Training and installation process of the machines which  are given by our staff  are finalized with  the submission of a certificate.

Machine calibration is made in our company and calibration certificate is provided together with the machine. All our machines have CE certificate.

We Not only manufacturing  balancing machine , also provide completed balancing solution .welcome to discuss with us 


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