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5T CRRC Rail Transit Train Crankshaft Dynamic Balancing Machine

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5T CRRC Rail Transit Train Crankshaft Dynamic Balancing Machine

CRRC Corporation Limited is a large central enterprise in China engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, factory repair and other peripheral industries of railway locomotives, rolling stock, EMUs, subways and their parts. It is the world's largest rail transit equipment manufacturer and Solution provider. Congratulations to CRRC for choosing Shanghai Jianping as its partner in the balancing machine business

As we all know, the crankshaft, one of the important components in the locomotive engine, bears the force from the connecting rod, converts the force into torque, and outputs it through the crankshaft to drive other accessories on the engine to work. When the crankshaft is subjected to The joint action of the centrifugal force of the mass during rotation, the reciprocating inertial force during periodic changes, and the gas inertial force requires the crankshaft to have sufficient rigidity and strength, and the surface of the journal needs to be wear-resistant, uniform and workable. The balance must be better.

In order to provide a better balance performance for the crankshaft of the locomotive, to allow the driver and passengers to have a better driving experience, and to reduce the causes of instability of the locomotive as much as possible, through the analysis of multiple unbalanced factors, Shanghai Jianping combined these issues , developed a special crankshaft balancing machine for CRRC. This crankshaft balancing machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for crankshafts weighing more than 5T.


Ship-shaped swing frame. Specially designed for large crankshafts of CRRC. It transmits mechanical force, is strong and durable, has small vibration damping and good rigidity.

High sensitivity sensor, good linearity and high machine efficiency.

Calibrate once and use it permanently, allowing a large initial imbalance.

The universal coupling used in the balancing machine ensures smooth power transmission, fast start-up and easy operation.

It is suitable for applications where the outer circle of the rotor cannot use a belt drive or requires a large transmission power.

The electrical measurement system independently developed by Jianping has a friendly human-machine interface and is easy to operate.

Members of the Shanghai Jianping R&D team come from Jilin University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other universities. They have strong software development capabilities and mechanical structure design capabilities, and solve problems such as precision speed sensor design, precise positioning, mathematical model establishment, automatic tool setting and feeding, and dynamic density. Compensation and other problems, we have a full set of system intellectual property rights, and can measure, modify, optimize and improve the corresponding solutions for balancing machines at any time.

JP balances and balances the world. JP people will actively respond to the country’s call, make the national industry bigger and stronger, continue to consolidate and enhance the company’s technological advantages in the same industry at home and abroad, comprehensively enhance the company’s comprehensive competitiveness and brand influence, and serve as the basis for my country’s track Contribute to the development of traffic balancing equipment manufacturing industry.


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