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Treadmill Roller Dynamic Balance Correction, JP Treadmill Roller Automatic Balancing Machine

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Treadmill roller dynamic balance correction, JP treadmill roller automatic balancing machine

When the treadmill drum is running at high speed, the vibration noise generated during its rotation will become more obvious due to the imbalance. At this time, it needs to be corrected by the treadmill drum dynamic balancing machine. The treadmill drum dynamic balancing machine can provide high-precision As a result of the measurement, small changes in the amount of imbalance of the object can usually be detected, allowing for more accurate corrections.

The fully automatic balancing machine for treadmill rollers developed by JP is an automatic balancing machine specially customized for fitness equipment. It is suitable for double-end dynamic balancing of loading, testing and weight removal of treadmill rollers (or similar hollow tube products). Including manual loading and unloading, dynamic balancing detection, deduplication correction balance and data storage (including initial imbalance amount and allowable remaining imbalance amount), qualified range identification and other functions.

Application scope

The single-station automatic balancing machine for treadmill rollers is used for balance detection of rotating workpieces such as various treadmill rollers and shafts.


1. High testing accuracy

2. Fast model change

3. Fast production pace

This equipment can complete processes such as loading, balancing, deduplication, re-testing, loading and unloading, qualification judgment sorting, data storage and other integrated equipment for treadmill roller products. It has automatic balancing and automatic positioning, and uses double drill bits to remove weight to avoid thermal deformation of thin pipes and minimize balancing process errors. This equipment has a fast production cycle, can be customized according to customer products, can be adjusted freely, and does not require manual intervention during use; it helps customers significantly reduce labor costs while improving production efficiency.

Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, manufacturing and vibration measurement technology services of fully automatic balancing products. The founder has more than 30 years of experience in the dynamic balancing industry and has extensive experience in automation and digitalization/industry 4.0. A wealth of knowledge has been accumulated in the field. After the establishment of the company, he led the JP R&D team to develop more than 100 models of fully automatic balancing machines, vibration detection equipment, performance testing machines, motor aging machines, on-site dynamic balancers, and vibration meters, which have served thousands of state-owned enterprises, large private enterprises, and multinational companies. Enterprises, including BYD, CRRC, Linamar, Valeo, Nidec, Meiqiao and other leading enterprises in the industry

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