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Automotive Tire and Wheel Assembly Line Balancing Machine Test Equipment

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Tire assembly automatic balancing line, only for quality life

In 2020, the automobile industry has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the automobile related industries and the automobile transportation industry have developed rapidly, and the automobile has become an indispensable means of transportation in people's lives. The safe driving of the car is also particularly important, when a car is in high-speed movement, the unbalance of the wheel seriously affects the safety and stability of the vehicle, also affects the service life of the tire, so in order to drive the vehicle comfortably and safely, it is necessary to detect the unbalance of the tire in production.

Causes of tire unbalance:

1.There is an error in the tire processing, or the balance of the tire is destroyed in the later maintenance and installation.

2.The nuts with inconsistent weight are installed on the wheel hub in production, or the tires with different shapes and sizes are installed, this will also lead to unbalance.

3.Emergency braking or sudden rush of the vehicle during high-speed driving, which will lead to tire wear.

4.Some tires are worn, and in the case of retreading, it will cause the overall center of gravity to shift.

Shanghai Jianping tire assembly automatic balancing line is suitable for tire automatic dynamic unbalance detection, tire comprehensive runout detection and sorting. Can detect tire unbalance amount and angle. The equipment can meet the technical requirements of the workpiece's cycle time, accuracy and variety. The measurement control system integrates measurement, control, calculation and other functions in one, with automatic measurement and positioning functions. The front and back end system is composed of the measurement control unit and mechanical mechanism, can measure the unbalance amount and unbalance angle position. Tire assembly automatic balancing line meets the flexibility of multiple varieties, fast changeover of varieties, simple operation and use, and marked the detected heavy or light point position, and has fault diagnosis and alarm function.

Product features:

1.Intelligent: can integrate with the production line or perform single line operation, automatic loading & unloading, automatic centering, automatic measurement, automatic marking;

2.Wide range: suitable for production of various wheel hubs of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles ;

Comprehensive measurement function: automatic measurement of dynamic unbalance, end face and radial runout, as well as first harmonic value;

Automatic marking, can support one-key changeover;

3.Intelligent material sorting: automatic sorting of OK and NOK products;

4.Equipment is convenient to operate, compact in structure.

5.Wide range of inner hole clamping

6.Balance block heating and pressurizing

7.Fast cycle time, high precision, intelligent

8.Automatic loading and unloading, automatic marking

Using Shanghai Jianping dynamic balancing algorithm, the workpiece from loading, unbalance detection, automatic marking, auxiliary manual add weight to unloading are automated, which can be applied to large-scale continuous production of tires.

Here is a successful case, Malaysia Toyota has chosen our tire assembly automatic balancing assembly line, Honda and a large number of automobile companies are also in the negotiations with us, what are you hesitating about?

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