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Automatic Clutch Balancing Machine Automobile Clutch Pressure Plate Balancing Machine

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Clutch balancing machine, effectively improve the quality of automobile clutch pressure plate

The clutch is mainly composed of three parts, they are flywheel, clutch disc, clutch pressure plate three basic components. It can transfer the power of the engine to the clutch shaft, and the clutch pressure plate will rotate with the rotation of the crankshaft. When the speed is large, slight vibration will lead to serious accidents.

So how to solve the problem, that is, using JP clutch pressure plate automatic balancing machine to do unbalance correction & processing.

About the productA1LZ1 is a special dynamic balancing machine for the disc-shaped workpieces, which is mainly composed of unbalance measurement part, automatic drilling part, safety guard and electric cabinet

1.Rapid production cycle time, high once reduction ratio

2.Rigid structure design, longer service life. Stable performance, low error rate

3.HIM, with touch screen, easy operation

4.Measurement and weight removal data can be exported, convenient for user to do data statistics

5.Software distinction: machine function display: whether it works, whether it is qualified, counting function

6.PLC: Provides remote guidance, maintenance7.Safety settings: equipment safety door with interlock design, double-button start, safe and reliable, to protect the operator's personal safety to the greatest extent8.Can integrate with the production line for automated production

9 Operation interface in Chinese and English. Support Russian, French, and Arabic

About the company

1.JP is a high-tech enterprise, established in 2004. We have 5 factories in Shanghai, covering an area of 12,000 square meters, 5 branches in China, 1 overseas office and 8 overseas agents

2.JP's business covers the design, development, sales, retrofit, customer service, installation and final testing of manual and automatic balancing machines

3. We have 262 employees, including 55 technical experts, with a turnover of > 180 million yuan by 2022

4: Main products: various manual/automatic horizontal/vertical balancing machines

5: Main markets: Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America, covering 100 countries

6. Main industries, motor, fan, water pump, auto parts, military, shipyard, household, refrigeration and ventilation

About R& D

A.The research and development department is composed of 55 technical experts including doctors, postgraduates and senior engineers

B.Obtained >10 patents related to balancing machines

C.Self-developed software, compatible with industrial computer, PLC, etc

D.Launch at least 5 new products per year

E.Research and development expenses of 5% of turnover, preparation of special environments, sites and equipment required for testing, development and verification

In order to better control the quality of the clutch pressure plate, we also add runout detection after balancing, that is to detect the radial and axial runout of the clutch pressure plate, so it is a very wise choice to have a JP clutch pressure plate automatic balancing machine.

JP, the leading company of China's balancing machine. Welcome to contact us.


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