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JP Balancing Service Tour ---- The 5th stop Malaysia

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JP Balancing Machine Service Tour ---- The 5th stop Malaysia

Time flashes, our Services in Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran  and so on have come to an end. Before Christmas and New Year's Eve, our after-sales engineers have started a new stop - Malaysia

Let me share JP's service content for you briefly 

Guide operation

1.The machine is equipped with English manual and operation CD (easy to learn)

2.Engineers provide on-site guidance and provide on-site video recording. Convenient for later study


1.We will list some solutions for common problems. 

2.We will use a remote monitor for inspection.

3.On-site fault diagnosis to solve the fault and track and maintain regularly.

Machine maintenance

1.Warranty period: free replacement of parts damaged or broken for non-human reasons.

2.Over warranty period: Only pay the cost price of the parts, we have safety stock for all parts.

3.When JP has a new version, we will upgrade the software for free.

4.Simple operational questions will be handled directly via whatsapp/video/ phone.

5.We can also provide 24/7 online technical support.

Here we share with you our balancing machine service site:

1) US site serves North America

(2) Spanish/Hungarian/Greek/Russian sites serve the Europe and CIS

(3) Australian site serves Australia, New Zealand

(4) Thailand site serves Thailand region

(5) Indian site serves the Indian region

(6) Ecuador/Mexico sites serve South America

We hope you can learn more about us/JP. We can guarantee you a high quality service and we are always there for you when you have questions.


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