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275577 LBS Horizontal Balancing Machines 125T Large-Sized Balancing Machine

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275577 LBS Horizontal Balancing Machines  125T Large-Sized Balancing Machine

For the unbalance detection of large power plants, pump rotor enterprises, centrifuge manufacturers, large and medium-sized blower machine tool industry, large and medium-sized paper machine roller industry, large-sized or super large-sized balancing machine is required to meet the requirements.

These machines require special rollers, bed base, brackets, etc., and require more power.

Today, let's briefly introduce our large-sized balancing machine.


20 Tons Belt Drive Balancing Machine

Product features

Well-designed brackets, transfer mechanical force, firm and durable

High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, high machine efficiency

Permanent calibration measurement principle, high precision

Belt drive structure, higher measurement accuracy

Jianping independent R&D electronic measurement system, friendly HMI, easy to operate

Modular design, wide range of applications

Suitable for 20T rotor, diameter 2800 mm, stepless speed regulation


50T Dual Drive Balancing Machine

It adopts universal joint drive and belt drive mode at the same time to meet more workpiece measurement requirements

Suitable for maximum 50T rotor, diameter 3600 mm, stepless speed regulation


275577 LBS Horizontal Balancing Machines  125T Large-Sized Balancing Machine

125T Universal Joint Drive Balancing Machine

Once calibration, permanent use, allowing large initial unbalance

Universal coupling transmission, smooth power transmission, fast start, easy to operate

Suitable for the rotors whose outer circle can not be driven by belt or require a large transmission power

Suitable for 125T rotor, diameter 4 meters, stepless speed regulation

JP hard-bearing balancing machine is an integration of precision machinery and modern electrical technology, with independent intellectual property rights, it is one of today's advanced general purpose horizontal balancing machine. Because of its simple operation, stable performance and accurate detection accuracy, it is widely used in motor, fan, water pump, printing, paper making, spinning machine, internal combustion engine, electronics, machine tools and aerospace and other industries.

 This machine is especially suitable for the unbalance detection of large and medium-sized motor rotor, pump rotor, centrifuge rotor, large and medium-sized blower rotor, large and medium-sized machine tool spindle rotor, large and medium-sized paper machine roller rotor. The machine adopts the combination of gearbox speed change + DC motor, and drives the workpiece to rotate through the belt drive and universal coupling. It has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, simple operation, intuitive display and strong man-machine interaction. Before starting, as long as adjust according to the distance between the two correction planes of the rotor and the distance between the correction plane and the support point, as well as the radius of the correction plane, the value and angle of the unbalance of the workpiece can be correctly displayed at once start, and it is also suitable for special rotors which have overstretched inner and outer center of gravity.

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