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Automatic Five Station Brake Rotor Balancing Machine

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Automatic Five Station Brake Rotor Balancing Machine

With the rapid development of automobile industry, brake disc, as one of the core components of automobile brake system, its performance and quality are directly related to the safety performance of automobile driving. In order to meet the needs of customers for high-quality brake discs, we have created a new automatic brake disc balancing machine assembly line, to provide more efficient, more stable and more accurate solution for your production!

First, fully automatic operation, improve production efficiency

Our brake disc automatic balancing machine assembly line adopts advanced automation technology to realize the whole process of automatic operation from loading, testing, balancing to unloading. Compared with the traditional manual balancing machine, the automatic balancing machine can greatly reduce manual intervention, improve production efficiency, so that your company can easily cope with the competitive pressure of the market.

Second, high-precision measurement, ensure product quality

The automatic brake disc balancing machine adopts high-precision sensor and advanced measurement algorithm to ensure the accuracy of unbalance measuring  of the brake disc. Through accurate measurement, we can provide you with more stable and safer brake disc products to meet your pursuit of high quality products.

Third, intelligent control system, easy to operate

Our automatic brake disc balancing machine assembly line is equipped with intelligent control system, the operation interface is simple and clear, easy to use. With the touch screen operation, you can easily set the balancing parameters and achieve one-click balancing. At the same time, the system also has an automatic fault diagnosis function to help you quickly solve problems in the production process.

Four, strict quality control, trustworthy

We always adhere to the quality first, strictly control the production process. The automatic brake disc balancing machine must go through strict quality testing before leaving the factory to ensure that the performance and quality of each equipment reach the industry-leading level. Choose our automatic brake disc balancing machine, you choose trust and assurance.

Fifth, perfect after-sales service, so that you have no worries

In order to ensure the stable operation of your production line, we provide a full range of after-sales service support. From equipment installation guidance, commissioning, training to post-maintenance, we have a professional technical team to provide services for you. Let you have no worries in the use process, focus on improving production efficiency and product quality.

We look forward to working with more brake disc casting manufacturers to create greater value for the brake disc industry. Look forward to your joining!


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