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5 station Automatic Generator Armature Motor Rotor Balancing Machine

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5 station Automatic Generator Armature Motor Rotor Balancing Machine

The automobile generator is the main power supply of the automobile, its function is to supply power to all electrical equipment (except the starter) when the engine is running normally, and charge the battery at the same time. In order to reduce or eliminate the vibration of the generator, the dynamic balancing of the generator rotor is an essential part in the rotor manufacturing process.

The vibration of the generator rotor is mainly caused by the centrifugal force caused by the mass eccentricity of the rotor during rotation. In order to better solve the unbalanced factors of the automobile generator rotor, Shanghai Jianping has developed and produced a 5-station automatic balancing machine for the automobile generator rotor to help automobile generator manufacturers solve the problem of unbalanced generator rotor.

Shanghai Jianping five-station automatic unbalance correction machine is suitable for dynamic unbalance correction of automotive generator rotor, and can be compatible with the dynamic unbalance correction of brushless rotor such as some induction motors. Automatic loading and unloading, automatic separation after rotor is qualified, simple operation.

Product highlights

Automatic loading and unloading of the assembly line, automatic separation of the rotor after qualified judgment, simple operation;


Fast cycle time, high efficiency, suitable for mass production;


It can be operated in single machine, can integrate with automatic rotor production line, and can be matched with MES system;


According to the characteristics of the workpiece, angular direction (chamfer), radial, axial drilling weight removal are available;


The main electrical components use brand components, equipment performance is stable and reliable;


Soft-bearing high precision measurement system, high accuracy and good repeatability of measurement data;


Full independent intellectual property rights, special products can support highly customized solutions;


Photoelectric safety protection, automatic alarm and shutdown when there is a fault;

Measuring mechanism

Measuring time 10 ~ 15s

Repeat accuracy ≤

Measuring speed 1000 ~ 2100rpm

Soft-bearing measurement

Support quick changeover

Cutting &processing mechanism

The weight is removed by drilling

Once weight removal ratio > 90%

Automatic tool setting method is adopted

Automatic cutting compensation function

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