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JP EV Automatic Balancing Machine-Electric Vehicle Application Solution

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JP EV Automatic Balancing Machine-Electric Vehicle Application Solution

Statistics show that, by 2030, about 60% of electric vehicles will replace traditional drive systems, which is equivalent to 70 million cars, and this number will only be 14 million in 2020. Electric vehicles are undoubtedly at the cusp of strong growth, then who will brave winds and waves and fly on this vent? It is true that, as a technical partner of automobile companies, we are also fortunate to participate in it, carrying the opportunities and storms of the times. In the process of this change, what assistance do we provide for electric vehicle users? Let's take a look at JP's electric vehicle production technology. 

A2WZ1 EV Motor Rotor Two-station Automatic Balancing Machine

A2WZ1 EV motor rotor two-station automatic balancing machine is suitable for the large-scale production of drive motor rotors of various new energy vehicles (including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc.). It can integrated with the rotor assembly line to realize automated production, and achieve manufacturers’ quality requirements for power drives. The optimized layout between the various workstations can also effectively use customer space and achieve a balanced solution that maximizes customer benefits. Due to the separate design of the measurement and correction unit, the machine has more powerful compatibility and flexibility, and the tooling changeover of different rotors is more convenient and easy.

At present, Jingjin, BYD, BorgWarner, Delta, NIO, HASCO, and Leapmotor all adopt this model.

With the continuous development of the electric vehicle industry, JP is also facing new challenges in the balancing and vehicle testing technology of electric vehicles. The motor rotor of electric vehicles can operate at high speed for longer time, with less deformation and lower noise, so we need to reconsider safety and risk to ensure that high-voltage circuits in electric vehicles do not pose any risk; we will also face many new challenges...

JP provides you with extensive technical support and comprehensive advice for new energy vehicle manufacturers in the construction of production bases, new energy motor production, new energy vehicle assembly products and inspection systems.

If you have balancing needs for new energy, just contact us!


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