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A1LZ1 Flywheel Automatic Balancing Machine

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A1LZ1 Flywheel Automatic Balancing Machine

What is a car flywheel?

The flywheel is a heavy cast iron inertia disk, which can drive the crank connecting rod structure to ensure the uniformity of engine crankshaft rotation and output torque.

Damages and balancing of automobile flywheel

Flywheel common damages: gear ring abrasion damage, end face ablation, deflection and flywheel screw hole damage.

All of these damages can throw the engine out of balance during use, resulting in more and more severe vibration, which can break the connected parts and render them unusable. Flywheels which have been balanced can reduce the risk of flywheel damage to a large extent.

However, flywheel balancing is not as simple as the balancing of ordinary parts, mainly because the flywheel unbalance measurement and correction needs to be done in a dynamic state. Consider from the flywheel construction structure, this is not an easy task.

Feature of A1LZ1 Flywheel Automatic Balancing Machine

Machine Advantages

It is suitable for the automatic balancing and correction of disc-shaped rotors such as clutch, double mass flywheel and torque converter. Except manual loading, the initial test, correction, retest and unloading are all completed automatically. At the same time, both automatic mode and manual mode are optional.

1 Automatic drilling & weight removal, quick changeover, strong compatibility;

2 Can integrate with automatic assembly line to realize digital production;

3 Independent & parallel processing of each station, fast cycle time, high production efficiency;

4 Optional special unbalance measurement process to meet the balancing requirements of special workpiece;

5 Using Jianping original JP-900 measurement system, dedicated to single-plane or double-plane vertical unbalance measurement, with automatic measurement, positioning, correction and powerful data processing functions.

If you have questions about our A1LZ1 Flywheel automatic balancing machine or  the balancing of automotive flywheel, or would like to discuss further with our technicians, please feel free to contact us.


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