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JP technology-A1WZ2 Axle Automatic Balancing Machine

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JP Technology-A1WZ2 Axle Automatic Balancing Machine

What is an axle?

The axle, also called the axle, is located between the suspension and the wheels, and the wheels are mounted at both ends. Connected with the frame (or body) through the suspension, this axle is just like the barbell, its function is to transfer the bending moment and torque generated by various loads between the frame (or body) or the wheel.

The general balancing concept only focuses on the unbalanced problem caused by the wheel hub, brake disc/drum and differential case on the axle, while ignoring the unbalanced problem caused by the input flange and drive shaft assembly, while the JP axle A1WZ2 automatic balancing machine takes all the unbalance into comprehensive consideration.

By measuring the overall balancing of the axle and pre-correcting the unbalance of the input flange, the vibration and wear problems of the axle under high speed operation can be solved, and the stability and comfort of the vehicle can be improved.

Scope of application

The equipment is suitable for measuring the unbalance of the rear axle assembly and correcting the unbalance by automatically drilling holes in the input flange, simulating the working conditions by means of virtual counterweight, and has the function of fault diagnosis and status display.

It is believed that all domestic axle manufacturers focusing on excellent quality will popularize this production process in the near future and join hands with JP to start a new journey.


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