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JP Armature Automatic Balancing Machine-Best partner for Armature Mass Production

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JP Armature Automatic Balancing Machine-Best partner for Armature Mass Production

Usually, the armature of the motor is in a rotating state during the work, and the general speed is more than thousands of revolutions per minute, even up to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute. 

Since the armature is the power source, the operation of the balance comes from the dynamic balance of the armature, which can ensure that the motorhas higher efficiency and lower noise. If there is a large unbalance in the armature, the noise of the motor may increase, the life of the motor may be shortened, and even the vibration of the whole machine may be severe, leading to the early damage of the motor.

Therefore, in order to limit the vibration of the motor, the motor armature should be checked before assembly. For different use occasions, different sizes and specifications of the motor, there are different residual unbalance requirements. The W5WX21 is designed for batch and mass production of armature rotors, with excellent balance to match the demands of users with annual armature production of approximately 2 million.

Advantages of W5WX21 armature automatic balancing machine 

The impressive wonder of the W5WX21 Armature Rotor Automatic Balancing Machine is that it can achieve unbalance correction by milling one or two planes in a very short cycle time. And it covers small floorspace, exquisite design, flexible installation, easy operation, stable performance, high efficiency balancing, which undoubtedly makes it the best partner for your production. Five stations, one cycle process for efficient balancing -- compact, fast and precise is the perfect example of W5WX21's birth.

W5WX21's low demand for space is also demonstrated by the fact that it doesn't require a foundation to be installed, just positioning the device and connecting it to power and compressed air. W5WX21 is a simpleton "plug and play" model that can be "plugged" into your existing production line anytime, anywhere, making it the perfect partner for mass production.

The flexible structure makes it easier to combine automated production, automated assembly lines from conveyor belts to pallets, and fast access to the user's original infrastructure without additional investment. Therefore, its flexibility, efficiency and economy make it have incomparable application and practice results in batch and mass production.

Another outstanding feature of W5WX21 is its efficiency. It can balance and correct up to five armature rotors simultaneously. Even so, excellent cycle time performance and high precision also make it stand out, initial test, retest, balance, correction, and other work between relatively independent and perfectly unified, based on the lifting and rotating transport unit, perfect to achieve stations switching and workpiece changeover, the whole process is smooth, quiet, without the effects of freedom of workpiece shaking, ensure measurement accuracy and precision of rotor.

JP900 Measuring System

The JP-900 measuring system has advanced measuring technology. After measuring the unbalance, precise milling machine correction can be completed by program instruction.

In addition, W5WX21 can be manually operated or automatic feeding &unloading system for the handling of the rotor, fully adapted to any production environment and demands of the user.

Application of W5W21 balancing machine

W5WX21 also has a wide range of applications, ranging from measuring and balancing typical armature rotors to a variety of special rotors and correcting through a milling process on the rotor stack lamination. It can be applied to the rotor with shaft length between 80 and 240 mm, the rotor diameter can be between 30 to 60, and the correction technology for the chute and straight flute rotor can also be arranged according to the balancing process, and single or multiple plane milling mode can be selected according to the pole pitch, increasing the flexibility of balancing process to maximize the adaptation of your rotor.

If you have rotor balancing requirements, welcome to contact our balancing experts.


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