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JP After-Sales Service in Indonesia about 125T Balancing Machines

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JP After-Sales Service in Indonesia about 125T Balancing Machines

Recently, JP's after-sales engineer is invited to Indonesia PJB to conduct the training and commissioning for the 125 tons of balancing machine. This balancing machine is a heavy-duty high precision balancing machine launched by JP in 2022 and its weight capacity up to 125 tons. It is widely used in the unbalance detection of motor, blower, fan impeller, pump, centrifuge, roller, turbine and other rotating equipment. It is popular with customers for its simple operation and high balancing accuracy.

After receiving PJB's commissioning request, JP immediately arranged an experienced after-sales engineer to apply for visa, and arrived at the customer's factory in only one week. At the commissioning site, our after-sales engineer patiently and carefully carried out relevant work to ensure the smooth and normal operation of the equipment.

At the same time, JP's after-sales team carried out a series of equipment training and technical guidance on the site, teaching operation skills and safety precautions, so that customers can better use and maintain the equipment, to ensure the long-term stability of equipment performance.The commissioning work was successfully completed, and the customer expressed high recognition and praise for JP's after-sales service. As always, JP is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to customers around the world, and to this end, the JP team supports 2 aftermarket solutions.

Solution 1: On-site support (timely and professional) :

(1) Installation:

A: Delivered as a complete machine, it only takes a few simple steps to start working.

B: Provide basic drawings.(2) Commissioning and training:

A: Time: Usually 1-2 days

B: Content: trial run, diagnosis, maintenance, operation, troubleshooting, etc...

(3) Production support:

A skilled engineer accompanies your operator to do one day balancing work.

Solution 2: Continuous online service (lifetime support, permanent and quality service) :

(1) 24/7 online support: via Whatsapp, video conference and phone calls...

(2) Remote diagnosis: The software can be controlled remotely, and we can program it after your authorization.

(3) Can also provide timely on-site assistance.

JP has been focused on dynamic balancing machine research, development, design and manufacture for nearly 20 years, we have a complete management system for product production, quality, delivery and after-sales service, so choose JP and believe JP, you will get satisfaction beyond expectation.


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