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Dynamic Balancing All Types Of Rollers/Rolls

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Dynamic Balancing All Types Of Rollers/Rolls

Roller balancing machine onsite debugging in Indonesia 

In order to improve the efficiency of the balancing machine and customer satisfaction, Shanghai Jianping engineers carried out a 2-month onsite debugging and installation service tour in Southeast Asia.

First stop

Indonesia onsite

As we all know, when the rubber roller or roller is running at high speed, if it does not reach the required balancing accuracy, it will have a great adverse effect on the machine, such as runout, friction and heat. In order to improve the quality of the roller and avoid similar problems, it’s necessary to have a balancing machine.

Shanghai Jianping roller balancing machine adopts belt driven, which can reduce the error of tooling fixture. The operation is simple and detection precision is high. It is a good helper of the papermaking roller industry.

Product features

Well-designed brackets, durable and reliable, low vibration damping, good rigidity

High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, high machine efficiency

Permanent calibration measurement principle, high precision

Jianping independent R&D measurement system. Friendly HMI, simple operation

Modular design, wide range of applications

This belt drive balancing machine is also suitable for the unbalance detection of motor rotor, fan impeller, water pump impeller, centrifuge, turbocharger, machine spindle, crankshaft and other rotating parts.

Recently, our engineers will stay for a long time in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, etc., welcome to contact us to learn about the latest balancing machine products.


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