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Industry Decanter Centrifuge Bowl Dynamic Balancing

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Industry Decanter Centrifuge Bowl Dynamic Balancing 

During the operation of decanter centrifuge, if the rotor is unbalanced, an accident will occur. So how to prevent this phenomenon from happening? It is necessary to do dynamic balancing experiments to ensure the balance of the rotor and the spindle.

Today we will introduce the decanter centrifuge rotor balancing machine.

Universal joint drive balancing machine is suitable for balancing decanter centrifuge rotor. It adopts universal joint transmission mode, can transfer more power, suitable for the unbalance detection of large motor, fan, centrifuge, sieve basket and other mechanical rotating parts whose outer circle can’t be driven by belt or requires a large transmission power. It is also applicable to the rotors with extended center of gravity.

Our decanter centrifuge balancing machine are suitable for rotors with a maximum weight of 125T, a minimum of 50kg, and a maximum diameter of 4 meters, which can meet the vast majority of centrifuge rotors.

The brackets of the balancing machine is carefully designed, firm and durable, have good rigidity

High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, high machine efficiency

Once calibration, permanent use, allowing for large initial unbalance

Jianping independent research and development of electronic measurement system, friendly HMI, easy to operate

Modular design, ergonomic

Jianping not only provides good products, but also provides good after-sales service and support, below is the photo of our engineer providing service in Indonesian customer site.

A good horse needs a good saddle, a good product needs a good balancing machine to maintain. Shanghai Jianping, provide professional customized balancing machine solution for you. If you have products to balance, or you want to know more about balancing technology, welcome to contact us!


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