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3 Tons Dual Drive Balancing Machine Belt Drive + End Drive

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3 Tons Dual Drive Balancing Machine Belt Drive + End Drive

Have you ever encountered such confusion? Most rotors can be done with a universal-joint drive balancing machine, but there are some rotors can’t be balanced well, at this time, the belt drive balancing machine can just meet the needs, but consider the amount is small, so we do not want to buy a belt drive balancing machine, then what should we do?

Don't worry, JP balancing machine can give what you want. We have specialize in manufacturing one machine with 2 drive systems for universal joint drive or belt drive. It can not only help you get what you want, but also saves you money, then why not to have a try?

Now, let's take a look at this machine.

Our machine also adopts universal joint drive and belt drive mode to meet more workpiece measurement requirements

Our machine features:

- Certification: ISO, CE, BV, SGS, etc

- Controller: touch screen computer, industrial computer, PLC system.

- Safety control: CE standard, safety cover (optional)

- Report: Balancing report can add your company's logo

- Operating languages: English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc

Our services and support:

- Warranty: One year + lifetime consultation

- Training: 24 hours online training + on-site training

- Guarantee: refund if there is any quality problem.

Chris,Products Manager 

Customer feedback

"Before buying the first 2 JP balancers, we have used two machines from other balancing machine suppliers, but the interface of that machine is not convenient, we had to recalculate it every 15 minutes. We found the JP balancer to be the best so far, since then, we have purchased additional JP balancers and rarely needed any service, JP takes care of us immediately when services are needed."

Chris, Products Manager


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