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Crankshaft Automatic Balancing Machine--NEW Dynamic Balancing Machine Technology

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Crankshaft automatic balancing machine, interpretation of dynamic balancing machine technology

In the automobile engine such as crankshaft, flywheel, clutch, fan, pulley, etc., are rotors. When the crankshaft is of uniform quality and well installed, the rotation is smooth. On the contrary, the product will vibrate and have abnormal sound.

With the continuous progress of science and technology and the rapid development of manufacturing industry, people have higher and higher requirements and expectations for product performance and quality. The production of high-performance, high life, low energy consumption and pollution-free products is the pursuit of enterprises, so the automobile manufacturing industry attaches more and more importance to the balancing of the crankshaft, crankshaft balancing is also an indispensable process in the manufacturing process.

Crankshaft automatic balancing machine, making crankshaft balancing no longer difficult

After analyzing the needs of the crankshaft in the automotive industry and understanding the requirements of customers in the crankshaft industry, the relevant staff of Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., adopted JP’s dynamic balancing technology to develop and produce the crankshaft automatic balancing machine.

Crankshaft automatic balancing machine adopts JP’s latest technology, the workpiece from unbalance measurement, angle positioning, drilling/milling and removing weight to retest are all done automatically, with features of simple operation, easy application and high precision. It can be applied to the dynamic unbalance correction of two cylinders, three cylinders, four cylinders and six cylinders crankshaft, and can better meet the mass production needs of customers.

Product highlight:

Manual loading & unloading

15 inch touch screen

Self-developed balancing machine measurement software

Automatic measurement, automatic drilling & correction, automatic retest

The workpiece can be corrected more than twice

The soft-bearing balance measuring system has high precision

Rigid machine structure design, high service life

Power is infinite, pursue deeper quietness

Importance on balancing, emphasis on safety

Being careful, well-designed and devoted, you can always trust Jianping quality. 

If you have crankshaft balancing machine requirements, we will arrange engineers to provide you with the right solution, welcome to contact us!


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