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50T Mobile Horizontal Balancing Machine

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50T Mobile Horizontal Balancing Machine

It is autumn now, and this is often the stage for various large manufacturing plants to conduct regular equipment care and maintenance. In power plants, the large turbine components used to drive the generators require regular maintenance with low dynamic balancing. Because it is a civil project, the user's downtime requirements for the equipment are particularly strict, and it is even impossible to transport the huge turbine rotor to a professional maintenance manufacturer, on the one hand, due to expensive transportation costs, on the other hand, the risk and time cost of the maintenance process will be increased.

Therefore, customers expect all overhaul work to be done on their site, at this time, in addition to some fixed equipment, mobile balancing machine is becoming crucial in this process, because it can be moved from power plant to power plant to complete a series of overhaul tasks quickly, accurately, efficiently and reliably.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of JP mobile balancing machine~

 1.The bed base adopts double guide rail and platform integration to increase the weight of the bed base and realize mobility.

2.Bearing pedestals and headstock are equipped with a reducer, so that the two parts can move freely.

3.In order to protect the roller and improve its service life, the equipment has added a hydraulic jacking machine to facilitate the safe placement of the workpiece on the roller.

4.Add hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic components to the machine to achieve automatic locking of the safety frame, thereby reducing manpower and protect safety.

5.The machine is equipped with electric switch brake, which is convenient for the operator to add/remove the weight of the product.

6.The machine is equipped with infrared marking unit, so that the operator can easily and quickly find the angle.

7.No special requirements for the foundation.

8.Equipment color can be customized

Application of mobile balancing machine

The balancing machine is mainly used to detect the unbalance of large-sized motor, machine tool spindle, fan, centrifuge, generator rotor, pump impeller, drying cylinder, ceramic machinery, roller, rubber rod and other rotating parts. Driven by a gearbox universal coupling and equipped with a variable speed motor, it ensures high quality balancing and precision. It has the characteristics of wide speed range, large driving force, high precision and easy operation.

All in all, the mobile balancing machine is a equipment that is perfectly customized based on customer requests, which integrates many advantages of the Jianping hard-bearing balancing machine, and comprehensively considers a series of needs of customers in the process of transportation, installation, testing and maintenance. In the future, Jianping will also develop more targeted product solutions for customer groups of special industry, welcome to contact us.


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