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Carbon Ceramic Brake Disc Automatic Balancing Machine

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Carbon ceramic brake disc automatic balancing machine, a necessity for top-class  car model

Ceramic brake disc is also a kind of brake pad, composed of ceramic fibers and non-iron materials, compared with traditional brake pad, ceramic brake pad is more clean and durable, quiet and of good braking effect, and the wear of the brake disc is small, so many luxury cars will choose carbon ceramic brake discs.

For all kinds of brake disc problems encountered in mid-end and high-end models,  Jianping carbon ceramic brake disc automatic balancing machine can help you to solve.

Product features

Mainly used for the dynamic unbalance detection and correction of brake disc and similar products 

Simple structure and easy maintenance

Easy to operate

The measuring fixture is a three-jaw chuck with a wide application

Dynamic unbalance measurement and correction integration, high efficiency

Modular design, with good expansibility, function can be extended according to customer needs, such as automatic marking, automatic & manual code scanning, automatic loading and unloading, multi-station design, assembly line integration and so on

Scope of application

Carbon ceramic brake disc automatic balancing machine is mainly used for single-plane automatic unbalance correction of disc-shaped workpiece, workpiece from unbalance measurement, angle positioning, milling & removing weight to retest are all done automatically, with features of fast speed, high precision, suitable for mass production of workpiece..

Efficiency achieves the brand, integrity casts the future - Jianping balancing machine - balancing diagnosis expert by your side.


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