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Cardan Shaft Drive Shaft Automatic Welding Balancing Machine

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Cardan Shaft Drive Shaft Automatic Welding Balancing Machine

Science and technology are developing, the Times are changing, the auto parts industry is also thriving. From 2020 to 2023, China's automobile exports increased by 20%, the main business of the auto parts industry is reached 5.7 trillion. The sudden rise of the automotive aftermarket has led to the iterative development of the drive shaft, brake disc, flywheel, etc.

In order to keep up with the pace, as the most reliable supporting supply chain for automobile manufacturers. Jianping company actively communicated and cooperated with manufacturers, and developed a fully automatic welding drive shaft balancing machine, which solved the major problems of manufacturers such as China FAW.

Highlight review

Install the fixture, automatically measure, automatically place the welding sheet in the corresponding unbalanced position, automatically weld and retest.

With extremely high measurement accuracy, the speed can reach 5000 RPM.

A1WH2-100 is a drive shaft special automatic welding dynamic balancing machine with excellent cost performance designed and produced by Shanghai Jianping. 

The machine adopts universal joint transmission mode, which can transmit greater power and make the operation more balanced.

The equipment is mainly used for dynamic unbalance measurement and automatic correction of two-section and three-section drive shafts

1.Professionally designed brackets, transmit mechanical force effectively;

2.High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable;

3.Balancing machine special universal coupling transmission, smooth power transmission, fast startup, easy operation;

4.Advanced electronic measurement system, friendly HMI, complete functions;

5.Equipped with automatic welding correction device, unbalance correction is completed automatically

There is still a long way to go in the future, Jianping people will be hopeful and unite as one. On the road of balancing, we will go further and further and play a more magnificent movement.

Shanghai Jianping, balancing machine industry leader!


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