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Automatic Balancing Machine for Torque Converters

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Automatic Balancing Machine for Torque Converters

Various machine concepts are available for balancing torque converters. From the fully automatic single-station machine where unbalance is measured and corrected in the same station, up to a fully automatic four-station machine. The decision regarding the required number of stations depends on the specified cycle time. In a four-station variant, cycle times of less than 20 seconds can be accomplished. Thanks to the latest torque drive technology, both powertrains on the primary side and on the secondary side can be equipped with one direct drive.

Loading can be done manually by crane, or it can be automated by a robot, loading gantry, or an interlinked line via an integrated round transfer.

Special features

Compact design

Unbalance measurement in one or two planes

Mass correction by welding on compensation weights in various angular positions

1,000 Hz medium frequency welding, executed as spot-welding or projection welding

Measuring procedure freely selectable between vertical center sleeve, synchronous or asynchronous speed

Possibility of integrated drag-torque measurement

Optional integrated oil filling

V-Line module kit designed for maximum flexibility

Extremely easy retooling

Connection possibility of direct component labeling

State-of-the-art torque drive technology

Ideal accessibility (loading / unloading)

Central access to media supply

Basic equipment with a Siemens PLC

Possibility for CAQ connection / host computer connection

Remote maintenance access


Serial production of torque converter from passenger cars and commercial vehicles

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