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Automobile Braking System Balancing Machine

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Preferential pricing for Automobile braking system balancing machine

1.if you belong to an OEM manufacturer, Tier 1 supplier, or independent aftermarket maker,

  if your products are used in Tracks, trailers, buses, tractors, or pickups. Passengers cars &Wheelers etc.

  if you need to do Mass productions(or integrated robots/conveyers) to achieve high work efficiency

 you could choose JP the following Automobile braking system balancing machine 

A: brake disc Automatic balancing machine 

B: Brake drum automatic balancing machine 

C: Clutch automatic balancing machine 

D: Retarder automatic balancing machine  

2:we not only cooperated with many well-known companies like BorgWarner, Daimler Truck, Schaeffler, Nidec Tesla, Lenze, etc but also get a good reputation from them

3:if you can share with us your workpieces' Corresponding parameters and pictures, and we will submit the complete solutions for your evaluations, okay? 

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