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Highest Performance Cost Ring Gears Automatic Balancing Machine

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The Highest Performance Cost Ring gears automatic balancing machine 

Single-Plane Measuring and Balancing Machine for Ring Gear 

In the balancing machines for ring gear, unbalance measurement and unbalance correction are performed in one plane. Unbalance correction is dependent on installation position and customer requirement, so correction is either performed by hole punching, or by a combination of hole punching and insertion of correction rivets.

Loading is, depending on the specified cycle time and the machine design, either manual by the operator or by an interlinked system and round transfer integrated on the machine side.

Special feautures

Compact design

Unbalance correction in one plane

Mass compensation options are hole punching or combination hole punching and insertion of weights

Rivet infeed and separation by vibration conveying system

Automatic rivet inserting device with buffer storage for up to 7 rivets

V-Line module kit designed for maximum flexibility

Automatic calibration system with TQC additional software and SQL database

Extremely easy retooling

Connection possibility of direct component labeling

Ideal accessibility (loading / unloading)

Central access to media supply

Basic configuration with a Siemens SPS

Possibility for CAQ connection / host computer connection

Remote maintenance access


Serial production of ring gear from passenger cars and commercial vehicles

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