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New products shared Two Station Automatic balancing Machine

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New products shared Two Station Automatic balancing Machine

Application range: for two wheeler EV Rotor. New energy car rotor.Squirrel caga rotor. Induction rotor


1. The balance and weight removal can be completed at one time, and only one person is required for a single machine

2. Fast production rhythm and high reduction rate at one time

3. It is easy to change the model, only need to replace the fixture and adjust the position of the sensor

4. Touch-type man-machine exchange interface, easy to operate

5. Rigid structure design, long service life

6. Automatically drill and deduplicate the motor rotor

7. The measurement and drilling deduplication data can be exported, which is convenient for users to perform data summary statistics

8. Can be connected to the production line to provide fully automatic production

9. The performance is stable, the error rate is low, and the fault can be remotely controlled and repaired by our professional staff.

Three options of EV motor balancer

1)eRotor manual Balancing Machine 

2)single-station EV Motor Rotor Automatic Balancing Machines

3)two-station Electric Vehicle Motor Automatic Balancing Machines

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