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Gas Turbine Dynamic Balancing Machine

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Gas Turbine Dynamic Balancing Machine-Dynamic Balancing Of Gas Turbine Rotor

Gas turbines are used to power aircraft, trains, ships, electrical genrators, pumps, gas compressors, and tanks.

Dynamic balancing as per IS1940/1 at Grade 1

Industries We Serve 

Iron & Steel, Cement Industry, Petrochemicals & Refineries Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas Industry, Engineering Industry, Motor OEM, Motor Rewinding Workshops, Mining Industry, Oil Rigs etc.


 Pump impellers

 Motor rotors

 Fans and blowers

 Air Pulleys and sheaves



 Turbine Rotors

 Fly wheels & Pulleys

 Generators & Motor Rotors

 Fans and blowers

 Pump impellers

 Electrical motor rotors

 Process rolls & pulleys

 Air Pulleys and sheaves

 Compressor components

 Gears & Crankshafts

 Bearing spindle assemblies

 Centrifuges Baskets & Drums

 Printing Rollers & Dum

 Cutting tools & SPM Rotors

 Electric Motor Armatures

 Fans and Blowers

 Pump Impellers

 All Types of Drums

 Spindle Assemblies and Shafts






 Process Rolls


 All Rotating Parts


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