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Balancing Machine for All Kinds of Disc Shaped Workpiece

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Automatic Balancing Machine for All Kinds of Disc Shaped Workpiece

Automatic Vertical  Balancing Machine from JP are used to balance mostly disc-shaped rotors without their own bearing journals, such as impellers from fans, compressors and pumps, coupling and transmission parts or pulleys. 

The core of a vertical hard-bearing balancing machine is a  precision vertical spindle. Rotor mounts or adaptors are attached to the spindle’s interfacing flange. The rotor mounts clamp the rotor securely during balancing.

JP’s vertical hard-bearing balancing machines  are characterized by their exceptional availability. Their permanent calibration enables simple machine operation. The special JP force measuring principle provides high measuring accuracy.

The balancing process can be improved by adding expansion options like unbalance correction systems. Flexible concepts for protective equipment improve machine safety.

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